The results from the last icon post will be posted shortly, I just need to clear something up with Jane.

Oh, and if you didn't know, I'm the new Assistant Mod! Nice to meetchas! *Bows*

Be good, children. *Nod*


P.S. Until then, I'm coming up with ideas for the next Challenge... *Squeals*

new challenge

ok so the last challenge recieved no entries. i was surprised, with the amount of people in the comm.
so your mod cala_jane who is a bit busy the next couple of weeks asked me to close that challenge and put up a new one.
This will run for two weeks, due on the 23rd November
you can enter up to four icons.
any rules you're unsure of should be in the user info. if not, ask.

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LIMS Contest, and Lethal Anticipation..

I've no idea if I'm allowed to do this or not, and if brennamount wants, I'll take this down as soon as she asks.

There is a LIMS contest getting started. Over at houselims, they've just finished their first contest, and are getting the second one underway, so go sign up! You can sign up until the voting for the first challenge is posted, and the more people, the faster it can go up. C'mon!
houselims houselims
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Challenge #5 Voting!

Sorry this is later than expected.  So it is official..my husband's and my business which has run out of our house for 9 years has now moved into a brand spanking new office!  We spent all of yesterday and today moving all our stuff along with our 3 employees and a bunch of friends and family, but it is almost all done now!  So that would be why things are a bit behind here.  I'll hopefully have the next challenge posted tonight, but if not I'll try for tomorrow.  I'm thinking I'll make it a Chase challenge next.  Anyways, what you were waiting for has now arrived....the voting shall commence!  Remember to vote for your first, second and third favourite in that order!

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Soo sorry for taking so long to get these up guys! School's ending for me here soon, and as always, every teacher decides to fell a few trees worth of tests, review sheets, and other things, and then distribute amongst the student populous as quickly as possible.. XP School's over next Thursday though, so it shouldn't take this again, pending life.


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