Those would've been terrible last words.. (mutantjedibauer) wrote in house_stills,
Those would've been terrible last words..

Soo sorry for taking so long to get these up guys! School's ending for me here soon, and as always, every teacher decides to fell a few trees worth of tests, review sheets, and other things, and then distribute amongst the student populous as quickly as possible.. XP School's over next Thursday though, so it shouldn't take this again, pending life.


(Follow the Motrin Monkey..)

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

Mod's Choice

Again, really sorry for taking so long with these. Let me know if there are any problems with them, or you want something on them changed. I always save the original file in case I need to alter anything later. Enjoy!

And I really love this auto-save draft thing. My computer is 'acting-out', and it took a while to get this up.. XP If this is formatted wrong, it's because I can't preview. My internet won't open any extra windows via clicking on linkage.. Sorry in advance if it is.
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