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Challenge #5 Voting!

Sorry this is later than expected.  So it is husband's and my business which has run out of our house for 9 years has now moved into a brand spanking new office!  We spent all of yesterday and today moving all our stuff along with our 3 employees and a bunch of friends and family, but it is almost all done now!  So that would be why things are a bit behind here.  I'll hopefully have the next challenge posted tonight, but if not I'll try for tomorrow.  I'm thinking I'll make it a Chase challenge next.  Anyways, what you were waiting for has now arrived....the voting shall commence!  Remember to vote for your first, second and third favourite in that order!

1.       2.       3.      4.      5.       6. 
7.        8.        9.    10.    11.    12. 
13.    14.    15.    16.    17.    18. 
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