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house_stills's Journal

A House MD Stillness Community
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Welcome to house_stills, an icon competition for those that love to create House MD icons and want to stretch their creative abilities.

1. You must be a member to enter the challenges, so please join!
2. NO ANIMATION! This is a STILLNESS community! You can use textures/brushes etc, to customize your icon(s).
3. Icon(s) must fit LJ standards: less than 40kb, 100x100 px, PNG, GIF or JPG format.
4. You must use the pictures provided for each challenge to create your icon(s), unless stated otherwise.
5. You can submit up to 3 icons per challenge, unless stated otherwise.
6. All entries are to remain anonymous until the end of voting. This means that you are NOT to use/post the icon(s) you've submitted to the challenge until winners are announced.
7. If you like one of the challenge entries and want to use it in your LJ please ASK who's the maker and be sure to give him/her credit!
8. Post your icons to the challenge thread; all posts will be screened so no entries will be seen till it is time to vote.
9. Please supply the link for your icon in your entry. Your entry should look something like this:

10. All entries must be in by the Saturday of the week the challenge is running at 1:00pm EST. The next challenge will start as soon as the voting post is posted.
11. During the voting period vote for your TOP THREE icons, and remember DO NOT vote for yourself or ask anybody to vote for you.


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